Welcome to the Customer Catalyst Community!

Hello everyone and welcome to the C-change community. It’s for anyone who believes that being customer-centric is ultimately the most important factor in achieving sustainable business growth. We’re launching this to bring together the many customer-led disciplines under one roof. Please take a look around, comment on or create discussions and, in the future as the community grows, even earn rewards for your involvement! Please share your thoughts and ideas about how we can build on this community.

Hi Munaf - great to hear from you. Looking forward to this C-change community growing!

Hi everyone! My name is Dan Cote and I’m the CMO of Influitive. I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of customer-driven business and marketing professionals in the C-change community!

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A big hello and welcome to those who have kindly joined this community following the Pulse event this week in London. We have just started this community and will be building and growing it over time. Our aim is to compliment other communities that exist already with the Customer Catalyst flavour! Would love to hear maybe some first thoughts on the book and what we talked about at Pulse!

Hi all, thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the c-change community - I look forward to hearing your experiences.

To introduce myself properly, my name is Claire Grove and I head up Customer Advocacy in EMEA at ServiceNow. I’ve been here three weeks (!) and prior to ServiceNow, I headed up UK Customer Advocacy and Storytelling for Microsoft. My passion remains telling customers’ stories in ways that represent a true value-add for our customers and reflect our role in helping them achieve their success. Always happy to swap notes and best practices.

I look forward to being a part of a thriving c-change community!


Hi Claire - great to hear from you and for you to introduce yourself to the group. You have some amazing experience in the advocacy space which would massively benefit the people from other C-change communities such as customer success, customer experience etc. What are your top tips about how these communities could best work together?

Hi there, looking forward to be part of this community and pick-up whatever is required for my (new) role.
My name is Arjan van Mourik and I am the first CSM in EMIA for Hexagon PPM, a global software company with about 2500 employees. We are just starting the journey and I am exited to be part of it.

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Great to hear from you Arjan! First thoughts - how do you feel your efforts might impact company growth?

Great to hear from you Dan! We’re proud to be working with Team Influitive on this project!

Evening gang. Really excited to join the community and share ideas and experiences with everyone. I’m the VP of Global Customer Success at Vinli a connected cars technology startup (HQ based in the US), building out our European operations and brand new global customer success function. Lots to do! Looking forward to hearing more from everyone about all things customer related.


Great to hear from you Jason! What’s the single biggest recommendation you have for community members about achieving customer-led growth?

A great question @charlie.dins. For me it’s about being flexible and managing change with your customers. My whole approach to being customer centric is about being able to change with and grow with your customers, as they change - and in today’s rapidly evolving and changing markets and industries, it’s super important but often difficult to do.

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This theme links really nicely with the idea of co-creation. Top down go to markets are being obsolete in favour of platform-based innovation?

Hi. I’m Daniel Bausor, co-author of The Customer Catalyst with Chris Adlard. A couple of weeks in after our book launch in London at The Royal Horseguards Hotel with guests from orgnisations in the public and private sector from Microsoft, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) and London Stock Exchange to Forbes magzazine. We’re excited to see a great initial reaction. Business leaders are recognising the need to drive a Cchange in their organisations to drive profitable growth . We’re looking forward to taking this conversation here on the Customer Catalyst C-change community! :grinning:


Thanks for joining @daniel.bausor

Hi Everyone, thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the c-change community - I look forward to hearing your experiences, collaborating with you and sharing best practices!

My name is Jennifer Susinski and I am a part of the advocacy team at HPE. I’ve been in this space for just about four years now, and am pretty much self taught and enjoy playing outside of the box to find my way. One of my biggest passions remains being our customers advocates within our company, and what I get in return is simply the icing on the cake.

I look forward to being a part of the c-change community and sharing notes & best practices.!

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Thanks for joining the community and introducing yourself Jennifer. We’re currently discussing ideas to get the community really buzzing - content, rewards etc. Would welcome any ideas you have for this!

Excited to see this community and the ideas around C-change grow! I’m Liz Richardson, and after years as a customer advocacy practitioner and then as a leader in Services and CS for Influitive, I have partnered with advocacy expert Deena Zenyk to form Captivate Collective and help organizations build their customer advocacy and engagement strategies. I love connecting with other thought leaders and consider myself an avid learner - so I’m looking forward to learning with this community. I’m a big fan also of Daniel and Chris from The Customer Catalyst and the work they are doing.

It’s been wonderful to learn from other professionals who are involved in the C-change movement. I am Sue Reukauf and I transitioned into customer marketing and advocacy just over four years ago after spending the first part of my career in education. I was hired because I understand our members who are PreK-12 educators and administrators. I’ve listened to Daniel and Chris before and I have a copy of The Customer Catalyst right next to my desk. I’m looking forward to learning from all of you!